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Friday, 10 April 2009

Danglers and Last Post

This is a Rainbow Lady's challenge this week which is 'Danglers'. I didn't think I could enter this as we are off on holiday tomorrow, but was showing my card file to a friend and I found this one. I made it last year for a teenage girl and she was thrilled with it. I haven't shown it on my blog before Cynthia. It's an off centre gate fold with embossed diamonds from a Glitter Girls board, I think it's the first one Framey. I stuck purple embellishments into the diamonds added a bit of purple embossed paper from my craft box, and attached some beads tied onto a glittery thread.I hope you like my card and thanks for visiting. I won't have much computer access for the next three weeks so won't be able to do much blog hopping, so will see you when I get back. Beryl x


  1. Lovely card. Hope you have a lovely time...
    Hugs Sandie xx

  2. Oh this is one great card love it. I hope you have a lovely break.

    Lorraine x

  3. Glad you managed to squeeze one last challenge in before you go. It's just right for the dangley challenge. Have a wonderful time.
    Beryl xx

  4. Love the card. Have a great holiday. Love Lynne. X

  5. Love the card, my fave colour of course, and the beads just set it off nicely. Thanks for sharing and have a great time and a happy birthday too. Love Cynthia x

  6. Lovely card Beryl
    Have a great holiday :-)


  7. Love the card Beryl, have a great holiday.

    Pat xx

  8. Love the card and the danglers.
    Have a good holiday


  9. Lely Beryl, have a great break. Cathy xxxx

  10. Lovely card Beryl. Hope you're having a great holiday!
    Ali xx

  11. Lovely card, enjoy your break and come back with loads of new ideas.
    Jacqui xx (Calexico)

  12. Lovely Card Beryl. Hope you had a nice break too. I have left you an award on my blog. Hugs Rita xxx

  13. Something waiting for you on my blog!
    Lynne. X


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