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Saturday, 9 August 2008


After discovering iRene's Card Spot this evening, I realise that I have made the same mistake. I have never said Thank You for the lovely comments that my blog visitors have left for me. So please accept my apologies, and I will try to remedy this in future, There is another point I would like to explain, I have recently started to leave my JS Forum username as well as my real name when leaving comments on your blogs. The reason for this being that there is another Beryl with a blog and we are both members of the JS Forum and recently I was almost sent some craft goodies which were meant for the other Beryl, luckily I realised before the goodies were posted and everything worked out the way it should. So that is why I'm adding bik59 when leaving a comment in order to prevent confusion. It's really strange I have only ever met two other Beryls in my entire life; one was the elder sister of a girl I was at school with and the other was a friend of my Mum. Although we are members of the emerald family and even a North Sea Oil Field we are few and far between - unique lol


  1. Hi Beryl - I have to confess that you've left comments on my blog that I thought were from the 'other' Beryl but realised my mistake when I clicked on your name and followed back to your blog. It's very thoughtful of you to leave your forum name too and I do enjoy reading your comments, thank you for taking the time to leave them.
    I hope you are getting some relief by the time you read this - I know just how horrible it is.
    Ann x

  2. Hi Beryl,
    I just spotted this post after not being around for a coulpe of weeks due to having visitors. I always thought we could be told apart because you put one kiss and I put two but I guess that was too subtle. I've only known about three Beryl's in my entire life. Few and far between I guess. The goodies from Anne were lovely, great stamped images and some cuttlebug card. Didn't know you nearly got them
    Beryl xx


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