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Saturday, 9 August 2008


Well, it's early Saturday evening and I am so glad I've got a laptop. Had to go visit the Doctor on Thursday because the pain in my back had escalated again, worse in fact that it was a couple of weeks ago. He gave me some more muscle relaxant pills and asked me if I had actually rested last time round. Had to admit that I hadn't done the complete resting bit and got told off. I am now officially not supposed to do anything at all, apart from lay down for an hour and then get up and wander around the house for about 15 minutes and then lie down again. It is soooooo boring and frustrating, hence my being glad I have the laptop. My sentence is for four or five days so roll on Monday. Whilst lying here I have been shopping and have quite a few new goodies which I am desperate to play with. Sorry for moaning, and I hope I haven't detered any visitors who may have come across my blog from returning. I don't always moan - honest

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