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Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Off on my Hols

I'm not going to be around for a couple of weeks, as I am going on holiday tonight. I'm just going to the mainland to visit two of my daughters and their children. I have not seen on of the grandchildren for over a year, so I am really looking forward the visit.
Beryl x


  1. Have a great time Beryl. I know what's it's like with the family so far away so make the most of it.
    Beryl xx

  2. Have a wonderful time with your family Beryl :)

    Jo XX

  3. Hope you have a wonderful time Beryl!!

  4. Hope you have a great holiday and come back all refreshed. I expect the grand kiddies will wear you out though. Cathy xxxx

  5. Have a fabulous time - i`m sure you will

  6. Hope you will beback soon in case we get a flying trip over. Enjoy yours Love Cynthia x


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