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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Hello Again!

Well I am still here, and this is the first actual card I have made in over six months, I have made some family cards using Craft Artist. It got to the stage that cardmaking was becoming a chore rather than a pleasure, so I decided that I would give up completely, apart from my own family cards. For Christmas I had enough cards left over from the previous year when I made lots in order to have a table at our local Christmas Fair, at least I didn't have to buy any but some friends and family may have had the same card two years running lol.

This one is for Robert's granddaughter who is 17 on Tuesday, and I only remembered this morning.  I had to do something quickly. I started it in Craft Artist, but had real problems trying to cut out the topper and decided it would be just as easy to print and cut by hand.   The backing paper and image are from a cd by Debbi Moore - The Legend of Unicorns.  It's not for a challenge and I'm not sure if this will be the first of many or if my mojo completely deserts me again.

Hope you are all well,
Beryl x


  1. Lovely to see you back Beryl. I understand totally about card making becoming a chore. I have given up myself for the time being. A quick make or not, this is a lovely birthday card.

    Janet xx

  2. Hi Beryl, so lovely to see you posting again and with such a gorgeous card, the image is beautiful. Hope you and your family are keeping well and hope it won't be as long between posts again.

    Pat xx

  3. Nice to see you Beryl,your card is

  4. What a gorgeous card, I wouldn't say your mojo was lost. If you feel like entering my challenges at any time do pop along to you never know it might start the vibes flowing again. You are a brilliant card maker.

  5. Hey Beryl, welcome back. I did exactly the same as you and now I'm back in the swing of card making again. Stay at it! Hugs x

  6. Hi Beryl - lovely to see you posting again. I think you did the right thing to give it a rest if you weren't enjoying it but you obviously haven't lost any of your design skills in the meantime. This card is gorgeous and I hope it WILL be the first of many more that you get to share with us.
    Beryl xx

  7. Aw! Lovely to see you back, I had popped in every now and then. Great idea to stop when you've had enough and it becomes a chore. Hope you are feeling well.

    A beautiful card and image, glad to see you back on top form.


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