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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Disappearing Comments

Does anyone else suffer from this.  I received two comments yesterday and they both disappeared into cyber space. They were posted at different times, one on it's own and the other one of three.  When it was the single post I thought perhaps I had hit reject and not pulish, but I know that wasn't the case with the second comment, as two out of the three published immediately.  I have noticed this before on occasion.
Beryl x


  1. Hello Beryl

    Yes this has happened to me, I think Blogger is playing silly billies. My comments did eventually appear.


  2. Yes it does happen Beryl. It's very annoying. I get too few comments that I want to lose the ones I do get. LOL :)
    Edna x

  3. Happened to me several times, Beryl!!! I find if I write a comment on my own blog, they usually appear!!! But it IS very annoying, cos peeps think you have rejected them!!!
    Love and hugs


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